We Work Hard & Aim to Please

I have known Crystal for 30 years.  She is hard-working, loyal, resilient, and knowledgeable in so many areas! Regardless of the task she is involved in, she brings integrity, grit and humor to the table, and is a leader that people enjoy working with and learning from.
Victoria W.


I have known Crystal for 30 years.  She is an honest and dependable professional woman who has excellent character, work ethic and communication.  Crystal brings a wealth of knowledge to the table to offer personalized attention and solutions to all individuals and groups.” 
Laura E.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Crystal for nearly thirty years, and as a result, I think I know her extremely well. She is, without a doubt, one of the most honest, trustworthy, and genuinely good people that I know. In personal relationships, she is generous and compassionate, and in working relationships, she always conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and integrity. She dedicates completely herself to whatever task she undertakes and is driven to succeed while at the same time promoting the success of others. I have total faith in her abilities and look forward to witnessing all of her future successes!
Colette M.


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marky Kennedy for the past fifteen years. Marky and I have been colleagues and we have collaborated on numerous stressful and complicated projects.
Marky is extremely creative. She is a known self-starter who excels at pacesetting, independent, productive and determined.
Marky has an analytical mind who is quick on her feet and always has a sensible reaction in all circumstances.  Marky is a cooperative team player but she also comfortably transitions to the project manager role when she needs to.
Marky is very hardworking and dependable. Marky’s sociable personality is to be envied.”
Sher’rie B.


“I’ve known Crystal for over 8 years during which time she has been responsible for managing multiple team members and projects. She has done this repeatedly with exceptional poise and efficiency. Crystal’s manner is professional and considerate. She is detail oriented, extremely competent and honest in her undertakings. She quickly establishes rapport with clients and peers and presents information in a thoughtful and organized manner. Her superior written and verbal communication skills help to create clear expectations and guidance. She is motivated to produce high-quality work so often exceeds any set expectations. Not only is she a kind person, Crystal is an intelligent and motivated leader who others willingly choose to join.” 
Gwynne R.


“I have known Crystal in a variety of capacities for more than eighteen years.
Crystal is efficient, detail-orientated and has any eye for details. She successfully completes task on time. She is extremely organized and never misses a deadline or forgets an assignment. She demonstrates an impressive professionalism.
Crystal has an excellent rapport with people across all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Crystal approaches new projects in a methodical business-like manner by keeping excellent documentation.
Crystal’s positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious. I have always admired the way she is able to handle any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.”
Sher’rie B.


Mike H.

“Marquisa Kennedy Webb…
Marky Kennedy is a woman who is very respected by her family, friends and peers. She has always been goal driven, sets high expectations for herself and her family and has accomplished most of those goals with more goals in mind. When an idea crosses her mind, the wheels get turning and there’s no stopping her until she has all the information needed, knowing when to move forward and when to walk away. She thinks outside the box and that is what pushes Marky to achieving the goals she sets forth for herself.
Marky is like a chameleon. She is smart, funny, outspoken, gentle, thoughtful and kind. She has been my friend for over 30 years and I don’t know anyone that can’t do any task set before her. Marquisa strives to become excellent in all she does and I’m sure with the motivation that she displays is going to take her far.” 

Wendelyn B.